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Teen Wheel

Create functional pottery on the wheel in a fun and creative atmosphere. Focus on the foundations of wheel-thrown pottery skills, technique development, trimming, glazing and decorating. Throw your new favorite mug, vase, or sculptural piece.

Instructor:  Emery Cotten

Supply List

Students will need to bring:

  1. Own set of clay or throwing tools
  2. Large cleaning sponge
  3. Small clay work sponge
  4. Small bucket for cleaning and tool storage
  5. (Optional) Small/detail paintbrushes for glazing
  6. (Optional) Plastic bags for wrapping work

Students will be provided:

  1. Canvas for wedging at their tables
  2. Shelf space as close to their creation station as possible
  3. 1 bag of clay

Links to Class Required Items: (These are recommendations, not the required brands)

  1. Clay / Throwing Tools
  2. Large Cleaning Sponge
  3. Small clay work sponge
    • We recommend buying a basic toolkit with a small sponge included.
  4. Small Bucket for cleaning
    • Any clean, small to medium sized bucket will do.