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Monday Beginner Wheel Throwing

Create and glaze functional, decorative, and sculptural forms using a pottery wheel. Students will develop their understanding of how to operate a pottery wheel as they work on teacher-led projects and practices.

Students are required to follow the instructor’s curriculum. Only work produced from that curriculum will be fired.

No makeup classes will be made available in the case of illness or inclement weather.

Instructor:  Austin Deal

Supply List

Students will need to bring:

  1. Own set of clay or throwing tools
  2. Large cleaning sponge
  3. Small clay work sponge
  4. Approx. 2ft x 2ft piece of Canvas
  5. Small bucket for cleaning and tool storage
  6. (Optional) Small/detail paintbrushes for glazing
  7. (Optional) Plastic bags for wrapping work

Students will be provided:

  1. Shelf space as close to their creation station as possible
  2. (1x) bag of clay

Links to Class Required Items: (These are recommendations, not the required brands)

  1. Clay / Throwing Tools
  2. Large Cleaning Sponge
  3. Small clay work sponge
    • We recommend buying a basic toolkit with a small sponge included.
  4. Small Bucket for cleaning
    • Any clean, small to medium sized bucket will do.
  5. Canvas
    • We recommend a minimum of 2ft x 2ft piece.